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At you can create a beautiful, constantly evolving website that celebrates your loved one's memory with text, photos, video clips and tributes from family and friends. With a unique Internet address and a password, you can access the memorial website anytime, anywhere in the world. Forever. You’ll keep the memory of loved ones not only in your heart, but also online.Those who never met your loved ones, including future generations, can learn about their life and character. People around the world will get to know them by looking through their photographs, listening to their favorite music and reading their life stories. Every life is unique and amazing, and every person
has a story worth telling.
A memorial website is a creative way to celebrate the life of your loved-one. Visitors to the memorial page will be able to show their sympathy with messages of condolence and by sharing their feelings and cherished memories. At a time when families are spread throughout the country and even across the globe, it’s comforting to know that through this memorial website you can stay in touch, feel a part of a supportive and loving community and help each other overcome the grief.